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We now have a monthly health column called ‘Active Health’ (under Programme/Events tab above) where you will be given practical tips and advice on how to become active and keep active. All areas relating to overall health and wellbeing will be covered and you can also email us with your suggestions for any topics that you would like to see included in the health column.

We have all heard the saying ‘Your Health is your Wealth’ and yet many people struggle everyday to incorporate and focus on improving their overall health and wellbeing. There are many types of activities you can do to help improve your day to day lifestyle, and it does not have to be strenuous activity. Why not try out some of the tips below and you might just surprise your mind and body of what it is capable of:

  • Choose a reason for becoming more active.
  • Choose an activity you can do everyday and incorporate it into your daily routine.
  • You do not need to be ‘sporty’ to lead an active, healthy life. Doing everyday activities for bouts of 10 minutes like walking, cycling, gardening, stair climbing, dancing or playing with your children will help you to achieve your 30 minutes of activity.
  • The best ‘gym’ in the world is probably right outside your door. There are many walks, cycle paths, parks or quiet lanes near you that you can explore.
  • Find a buddy who likes to do the same activities as you. Maybe go for a 30 minute walk at lunch time together.
  • We all played sports as children – why not go back playing a sport you enjoyed at a non competitive level. You will meet people with common goals and have a social outlet for yourself which, in return will improve your overall well being.
  • Set goals and rewards for yourself but be realistic!

Email aideen.oconnor [at] with your suggestions for the health column or use our contact form. For more information or tips on improving your overall health and wellbeing visit the Get Ireland Active Website:

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