What is the difference between Saorview and Dreambox Ireland?

There is a lot of confusion around the various types of free TV boxes that are available and what the difference is between these and an android box. Firstly as stated in our older posts an android TV box is a completely different product although is used to do the same thing by some people as the free TV receivers. For example an android box is just an android computer and allows you to access apps like Facebook, Youtube and web browsers but it can also be used to stream movies and TV shows. A lot of people have now got these boxes to stream TV like RTE Player and ITV Hub and that is fine if you have a working internet connection.

A dreambox is a satellite TV box which means that you need to have a satellite dish in order for it to work. According to sites like dreambox Ireland you just need a satellite dish and a dreambox itself in order to get saorview and freesat channels. Most homes in Ireland have a satellite dish and this is a better option for quality reliable TV as a stream coming from the internet can go down and also you need a fast internet connection to get good quality streams without interruption.

If you live in an apartment block in which you are not allowed a satellite dish then an android box is a good option but if possible we would recommend viewing your sport on a dreambox which have become popular in Ireland.