Active Health Tips/Advice

The first of our Active Health Tips/Advice is to promote the benefits of walking and running.

10 reasons to get Walking & Running

1. Doing just 30 minutes walking/running  at a brisk pace every day will get you feeling great

2. Walking & Running helps burn fat and calories, helps you maintain & loose weight

3. It gets you fit and tones your buttocks, thighs, hips & waist

4. It increases your sense of wellbeing, is a stress-buster and boosts energy levels

5. As they are  weight-bearing exercise, it can strengthen bones

6. It lowers your blood pressure and reduces the risk of strokes and heart disease

7. Walkers & Runners  tread softly on the earth leading to a low carbon footprint

8. It gets you outdoors, so you’re exposed to vitamin D-producing sunlight needed to absorb calcium, maintain healthy bones

9. It’s really easy to fit into your day – you can commute to or from work, or go for an invigorating walk at lunchtime

10. It‘s Free!

You may be interested in taking part in the following events whether walking or running

Samsung Night Run – Sunday 29th April
The Lord Mayors Get Active Challenge – Sunday 27th May